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Correct handling of suturing instruments

MEDICINE in a Nutshell : Very specific, and interesting question. Canno
MEDICINE in a Nutshell : Very specific, and interesting, question. Cannot see why not.
Skunk Pireas : I think there's no correct way to handle. Every surgeon i see handles it the way they feel comfortable and thats the important thing to feel comfortable.
Set Cookies : Excuse me Sir Can I buy those tools for saturing? I just want to practice
Tulsa Sunar : Thank you sir for sharing..

Having a forceps delivery - Understanding Shoulder Dystocia | One Born Every Minute

Dawn's baby need a little help being delivered. In this video we see what happens when a woman suffers a shoulder dystocia in labour and the baby needs to be delivered with forceps and manual turning.

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Welcome to One Born Every Minute, a chance to revisit some of the highs and lows from the ground-breaking documentary series. From water births to Caesarean sections, we'll be bringing you new videos every Wednesday and Friday, giving you insight into all conceivable pregnancy and birth related subjects.
Michelle Baker : I was a shoulder dystocia baby and this is terrifying! My mom is EXACTLY average height for a white American woman at 5'4" and I was EARLY! So a preemie being carried by a woman of average size and yet still had this happen to us! My mom had always told me my delivery was assisted, so growing up I'd hear about "the vacuum" and it was kind of a joke when I was a kid. Then when I got older and started having neurological troubles, I decided to do some research on potential impacts of assisted births and/or shoulder dystocia on people once they were older, and found out more about it. My mom has always been my hero but this makes me even more proud to be hers!
Holly Chantelle : I can’t even begin to imagine how terrified the mummy must have been, you can see staff are very panicked! The father was in pure shock, thank god the theatre staff acted very quickly
Alexa Plain : This happened to my son. Extremely terrifying and not something I will repeat ever again.
Melanie J : I've had 2 dystocias, and it was explained to me that there is no way of predicting it until the head is out, by then it's too late for a cesarean. I'm very lucky because I was able to get them out with a maneuver from the midwife and pushing hard and no tear or stitches, or forceps, but maybe that's because I've had a few kids my body been stretched before! and we got them out fast, was a trace of meconium but they were okay. I was pretty bruised and sore after compared to other births, and they were both a lot bigger than my other babies.
However watching it go on that long was extremely scary!
Poni Masamba : Omg I'm crying... I was so scared... Thank God she's ok ❤️

Delivery with Forceps

This animation shows how forceps aid in the delivery of a newborn. It begins with a lateral view of the mother with the spine, pelvic bones, womb and fetus visible. The fetus is in ROT position at a +2 station. The single blade of a Kielland forcep rotates the fetus into OP position. The Gillespie forceps are inserted and grasp the head as the view rotates to the other side.

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Ale Keys Flow : How is this not harmful to babies? And why is this still performed today?




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