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Neat Image 8: Basic Workflow

The Basic Workflow tutorial walks you through the key stages of applying Neat Image to an image in Photoshop. You will learn how to build a noise profile for an image and how to adjust the key settings of the noise filter. You will learn the basic workflow in a matter of minutes and then be able to reduce noise in your images.

Neat Image Photoshop Plugin

Using photoshop plugin i.e. neat image and portrature.
Plugin URL:
Wayne Clarke : You need to start with a noisy image, using a low ISO image doesn't show much difference, except in the first image the skin looks like plastic after.
bt10ant : Need to use a better starting image. YouTube degrades the video image, so there may be a difference on your end, but we are not seeing it.
Willdorak : I don't see any difference between before and after. The original pictures you are using don't have any noise so I don't know exactly what you tried to clean up.
Nuri Ucar : Dwonload link two plugins please ,thank you verry muchplease dwonload link thank you
Nuri Ucar : hallo where is dwonload link please thanks

How to Reduce Noise in Photoshop Fast | Neat Image Tutorial

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Neat Image Plugin:

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Hello heroes, Digital noise appears during capturing in a low light condition or in high ISO modes.
So you sometimes ask yourself how to remove digital noise from photographic images and performs other image quality improvements.
I will show you how to remove noise less than in 2 minutes.

First of all, color correction doesn’t significantly change the noise characteristics of the image. So it doesn’t matter to do it before or after noise reduction. But It is best to apply noise filtration before sharpening.
I prefer using Neat Plugin to reduce noise.

Start the Neat Image plug-in using the Filter - Neat Image - Reduce Noise v8... menu item in Photoshop.
Click the Auto Profile button to build a noise profile for the input image. Auto Profile will find and analyze a flat featureless image area that contains only noise and no important details.
Click the Noise Filter Settings tab. Neat Image prepare a preview.
Click in the preview area to compare before and after versions.

The default filter settings should produce good results, yet it may be useful to change some settings and check the preview.
Try to vary Noise Reduction Amounts: Luminance.
This controls how much of the detected noise is removed in the luminance component of the image. Too high values can lead to unnatural plastic-like results.
If you like the results, click apply.

That's all heroes. If you find it helpful, please leave a like.
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Peejot : Nice video....
Sergio Veyzaga : Thx for the video, guys r u from Kharkiv?=)
Jul Mich : Horrible Russian accent lol
How To GoPro : Thanks!
How To GoPro : Yes, it filmed in Kharkiv.


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